View-Speed Stash Aero Storage
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The Stash is temporarily sold out but will take preorders for the next batch to be available for shipping about 7 Aug 2013.

The View-Speed Stash Aero Storage is ideal for storing your View-Speed Amigo Multitool, spare tube/tire, CO2 carts and inflation valve, patch kit, boot patch, and other roadside repair needs.  The Stash smooths seat rail turbulent  airflow under your seat increasing your:  

Safety   Comfort   Speed


If you are emptying your bladder while on the seat it is best to store your repair items in clear plastic bags ... this also helps organize your storage.

The View-Speed Stash slides down the seat tube for easy access to your repair or other items and clips up to the seat rails with Velcro for security.

Use 3M Scotch 33+ vinyl electrical tape to seal edges and bottom for races.

If you want to store plastic packets of food with the Adamo type seats there is a opening at your crotch where you can pull them out connected sausage style and tear off what you need.

The Stash is matched to standard seat rails for a nice fit.

The View-Speed Stash weighs about 30 grams (a plastic water bottle weighs about 100 grams.)    It has a capacity of about 700ml but some to that will be filled by the seat rails and seat attachment device still leaving plenty of room for your repair items and other stash.


Click here to see a chart of time saved with View-Speed products.


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View-Speed Stash Aero Storage

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