View-Speed Series 4 Skewer S4
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View-Speed Series 4 Skewers (S4) fit most (but not all) road bicycles.  The S4 Series skewers are light weight - titanium for strength - aerodynamic.

The photo shows a comparison of S3 (black) and S4 (silver) Front Skewers side by side.

The S4 Series are a bit lighter and a bit more aero than the S3 Series Skewers.

The S3 Front weighs 21 grams and the S4 Front weighs 17 grams with a lower head profile than the S3.

The S4 skewers ONLY fit fork tines and dropouts that are thicker than 1/4 inch (6.35mm) such as those found on many bicycles like my Cervélo P3C where they work great.

The S4 skewer requires a hex key or View-Speed spanner to tighten and remove.


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View-Speed Series 4 Skewer S4

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