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To buy View-Speed Cyclops Glasses you need to select which is your dominant eye and you need to have normal vision without glasses (contacts are OK) – as corrective glasses will not fit behind the View-Speed Cyclops glasses.

The Miles test. The observer extends both arms, brings both hands together to create a small opening, then with both eyes open views a distant object through the opening. The observer then alternates closing the eyes or slowly draws opening back to the head to determine which eye is viewing the object (i.e. the dominant eye).

Please select View-Speed Cyclops Glasses to match your dominant eye ..... if you are right eye dominant .... select right eye dominant glasses .... left eye dominant ... select left eye dominant glasses .......  the prism will be mounted on the side of the dominant eye for best results.


View-Speed Cyclops Glasses are an aid for keeping the top of the cyclist's head down more even with the plane of the back of the cyclist ..... while providing the ability to see forward for safety - to improve comfort and relax the neck muscles with the head in a more normal position which mitigates the effects of Shermer's Neck Syndrome - and to increase speed about +1 mph Faster at same power depending on cyclist's previous position.


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View-Speed Cyclops Glasses

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