View-Speed Aero Shoe Modification
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View-Speed Aero Shoe Modification ONLY works at present with Speedplay pedals. The modification will work with either Speedplay X or Speedplay Zero pedal/cleat systems. We recommend the newer Speedplay Zero system if you have a choice as it appears the cleat wears longer and is less prone to gathering foreign material.

Race tested, wind tunnel tested, View-Speed Aero Shoe modifications are now available per pair for $163.60 plus tax (if shipped to Calif) plus shipping and handling.

You ship your race shoes to View-Speed for modification, wait about 3 weeks, we ship them back, and the next time you put your race shoes on you will notice:

Safety – Not likely to suffer groin pulls or falls when you stop, put your foot down, and your metal cleat slips on the pavement; with the soft rubber sole the shoe grips the pavement ….. also your wife will thank you for not scratching up the floors with your cleats.

Comfort – Little or no sound when walking (on soft rubber soles) and you will not pick up a lot of foreign material in your cleats when walking around – your cleats are protected. If you are a fore foot striker you can actually run in your bike shoes when you have the View-Speed Aero Shoe modification.  This feature can be a big help in races that require bike shoes in gear bag/transition and do not allow having your shoes previously clipped to the pedals in T1.

Speed – About 40 seconds per hour faster (4 minutes for a 6 hr ride) ………… San Diego Low Speed Wind Tunnel tested.  The testing was done on a conventional 3 hole mount and performance should be even better with the new lower profile Speedplay 4 hole mount shoes like Bont and DMT.  

Click here to see a chart of time saved with View-Speed products.

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View-Speed Aero Shoe Modification

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